walking in the dark

It feels so stereotypical Millennial to talk about being lost, so I won’t.


I’ve got a sort of malaise and exhaustion that seems to permeate my days the past 2 months. I toyed around with the thought it might be depression. Or maybe it’s the extra 20lbs my body is carrying around. Maybe it’s that dreaded 2 year mark of returning “home” from living overseas when you realize it’s been fun and games but you’re ready to go ‘back’. Maybe it’s a quarter-life crisis. Maybe I’m just whining.


I really don’t know. I keep putting one foot in front of the other, though not at as quick of a pace as I am used to. But I’m still moving, you know?



I eat a lot after my family goes to sleep. I mean, a lot. Sometimes easily 500 calories.


I’ve been trying to crack the code on what to eat, how much, when, and it because occurred to me that maybe I don’t have to change anything about normal working hours.


I’ve long thought that my biggest barrier to being the best me was lack of sleep/staying up too late. Another tick for that theory when I consider what I consume in those unadvisable hours.